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How we can help: Care Solutions arranges for companions/housekeepers to help people living in their own homes, e.g. the elderly, sick, convalescents, etc. Our agency will provide clients with 24-hour support, attending to their physical and personal needs.

We will, where possible, send a senior Manager out to do an initial assessment in your home and to discuss your specific needs and requirements with you.

Length of an assignment:
Temporary live-in help: We provide temporary live-in help, e.g. after discharge from hospital, during periods of illness or in any emergency situation.

Longer-term help: If you require longer-term help, we aim to introduce companions/housekeepers who are free to work for as long as possible, rather than changing the companion/housekeeper every two or three weeks. This reduces the costs involved in travel expenses and ensures continuity.

Costs: Current costs for each level are available on request. Your actual costs will depend on the level of help required and we shall be pleased to supply you with an individual estimate of costs on receipt of your completed Registration Form and Job Description Forms.

Insurance: We strongly recommend that you carry household and motor insurance which make adequate provision for live-in support staff.

Care Solutions UK Ltd carries 5, 000,000 punds public liability and 10,000,000 pounds employer’s liability insurances.

What to do next:

Please print the Client Registration Form from this website, complete and email to us on:

Alternatively, please phone us on 01784 618 777



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