our companionS/housekeepers 

All companions/housekeepers applying to work for Care Solutions UK Ltd must go through a stringent selection process. Candidates must provide impeccable references, pass initial interviews by our senior Managers and are only allowed to work for Care Solutions upon successfully completing their training.

Companions/housekeepers working for Care Solutions UK Ltd have to obtain Enhanced Criminal Records Bureau disclosures.  We also provide ongoing training for our companion/housekeepers. Our experience in live-in support combined with the support we give our companion/housekeepers and the commitment to our clients, enable us to take great care in selecting  the right companion/housekeepers for you. Every effort is made to match the companion/housekeeper’s experience and personal qualities to the client’s specific requirements and household arrangements.

Our companion/housekeepers are between 25 and 65 years old and are mostly from countries like Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Poland and Solvakia with British passports or ancestral visas. Most of our companion/housekeepers have previous experience as companion/housekeepers or nurses and most have obtained a degree or higher diploma. Our companions/housekeepers are friendly, positive, hardworking, flexible and practical and are generally enthusiastic about working in the UK and living in British homes.

All our companions/housekeepers sign a confidentiality agreement on commencing work with us.


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