Work as a Carer

What do we offer our carers?

  • Temporary live-in work – you say how long you are available for
  • Plenty of time to travel in-between bookings – you phone us to arrange your next booking
  • Excellent rates of pay (95 – 130 pounds sterling per day) plus you have practically no living expenses
  • Double pay rates for all Public Holidays
  • Job satisfaction – the feeling that you have helped to make someone’s life easier
  • We provide ongoing support to our carers and we are genuinely concerned about you, that you are happy and enjoying your work
  • We provide free training at our office and you will be able to continue with further training
  • You have the chance to experience British culture and see more of the UK than some of your friends ever will

What do we require from our carers?

  • You must have a valid work visa, provide us with references and be older than 25
  • Previous care experience is a distinct advantage. We will, however, provide you with training and induction for every booking
  • We are looking for trustworthy, kind, helpful, friendly and flexible carers
  • A valid First Aid certificate is recommended
  • You should expect irregular work hours, be confident in managing a household and be able to deal with emergencies
  • Always respect the client’s wishes and dignity, encourage independence
  • We expect you to adhere to our confidentiality policy

All Aspects Covered

Police Clearances

For people who have lived outside the UK until now we will require a police clearance certificate from home pending the 2 to 5 weeks it takes for the UK disclosure check to come through. Please allow enough time for this before you leave home. Australians:, New Zealanders:, and South Africans:

DBS Check

When applying to do any kind of care work in the UK, everyone is required to have a Criminal Records Bureau Check. You can apply for this DBS check through us. You have to list all the addresses you have lived at for the last 5 years, with dates and post codes. You will also need your passport, plus 2 items of your current proof of address, e.g. driving licence, bank statement, credit card statement, phone bill, utility bill, letter from a government office, e.g. P45. If you need more information about this, please consult the website:

Driving Licence

or International Driving Licence(not compulsory, but an advantage if you have one) You may drive in the UK if you have a valid Australian, New Zealand or South African licence for 12 months from the last date of entry if here as a visitor.


You are only allowed to work in the UK if you have a UK passport or a valid visa that allows you to work, e.g. a Working Holiday visa, Ancestral visa, Work visa, etc. Please consult the Home Office for further information.

Curriculum Vitae

You have to provide the agency with a short CV, including a Full Work History with dates and addresses and telephone numbers of your employers. We would like the telephone and fax numbers of two references – responsible and professional individuals who are able to testify on your good character, work history, professional abilities and personality. Remember not to take your CV and written references with you on the flight. Rather email your CV to yourself and print it when you arrive in the UK. Alternatively, post it to someone you know over here. The UK Working Holiday Visas are granted on the understanding than any work gained is “incidental” to the visit. The custom officials could take the view that if you are found with a CV in your possession on entry, that your intention to work is not incidental and entry could be denied. This does not apply to Ancestry visas.

Bank Account

It is possible to arrange to open a UK Bank account through 1st Contact when you arrive in the UK.
Their web address is:
Follow directions to Kickstart London.

Why do Care Work?

Care work is very rewarding. You have the satisfaction of helping someone to do things for themselves that they are no longer able to do on their own, whilst encouraging them to become more independent and confident. Your daily tasks may include: shopping, driving to take a client to see their friends and family, cooking, light housekeeping tasks, or sometimes you have to help someone to get dressed, help with bathing and other personal tasks. Basically all the things that someone may have to do for you, should you become ill or recover from an operation.

What to do next:
Please complete the Client Registration Form or Carer Application Form on this website and email it to us on:
Alternatively, please phone us on 01784 618 777